Review in Shindig ! Magazine

In the latest issue of the amazing Shindig ! Magazine Us and Them received a lovely review. Here it is:

Here’s a thing. I like to think of myself as an undying advocate of the “it’s it ain’t broke” principle, so the notion of having songs from Paul Giovanni’s exalted score for The Wicker Man re-recorded by, harrumph, some JOHNNY-COME-LATELIES initially struck me as sacrilegious at worst and pointless at best.

Man, what do i know? Turns out that this limited edition coloured vinyl EP, recorded by Swedish acid-folk duo Us and Them (Britt and Anders) with the assitance of mellotron maestro Frobisher Neck (Tony Swettenham) weaves much the same quizzical spell as the film itself, and, particularly in the case of ‘Willow’s Song’, actually out-lovelies the original version. Also tackled are ‘Corn Rigs’, ‘Fire Leap’ and ‘Gently Johnny’ with a dignified guest vocal from Ludvig Josephson; valid, delicate and persuasive all, but Britt’s vocal on this version of ‘Willow’s song’ would have you chowing your way through that bedroom wall with your bare teeth



~ by Us & Them on November 21, 2011.

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