Us and Them and others live 4th of November

The 4 of November is going to be a special night for us. Us and Them are going to play with two of our absolute favourites among Swedish artist. We saw a performance by Astor Wolfe ( lately and it was totally captivating. For about half hour we were moved to another very beautiful place. Ludvig Josephson is known by you who read the liner notes on Us and Them records carefully. He is the male voice on Gentle Johnny (from Summerisle EP) and Banks of the Nile (from Fading within the dwindling sun). But above all he is Internal Planet ( A band that combine very direct melodies with a warm delicate psychedelic feel. This night Ludvig is going to bring his band with him who will choose from his rich collection of songs.

Astor Wolfes foto.

~ by Us & Them on October 22, 2017.

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