>> About Us & Them

Us & Them is a duo consisting of singer Britt and Anders, who plays the instruments. So far we have made one CD, “Based on a True Story”, and three EPs; ’’Canning Oak’’, ’’Seagulls’’ and ’’Man o’ Sand to Girl o’ Sea’’ on our own label Withdrawn recordings. In early 2010 we released our first vinylrecord, the ”Julia dream of all the pretty horses” EP, on the english label Fruits de Mer Records. It is a now sold out vinyl-Ep that got very well received by Mojo and Record Collector to mention some. In October 2011 Fruits de Mer Records released our remake of four of the songs from the Brittish horror movie The Wickerman from 1973. Our next step was ”Walk Light”, an EP with four of our own songs, released on Ritual Echo Records 2012. Last year we were back on Fruits de Mer records and released the EP ”By time time it gets dark”. During the spring of 2015 Us and Them started a collaboration with Mega Dodo records. The first result was a dream come true for Us and Them,  an album called ”Summer green and autumn brown” with ten of our own songs which was released 12 of October 2015. In december 2016 Us and Them will release ”Fading Within The Dwindling Sun” on Fruits de Mer. A 10 inch vinyl record with five songs that Sandy Denny have made famous. In January we will release a single with two of our own songs on Mega Dodo records.



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