>> For sale

We got copies left of some of our records. You can mail us on us_and_them@yahoo.com if you are interested in buying any of the following records:

  • Walk Light – Vinyl EP with four tracks. Three colours are available: clear, blue/white or white vinyl. Price: 6 euro.
  • By the time it gets dark – Vinyl EP with three tracks. Clear vinyl. Price: 6 euro.
  • Fading within the dwindling sun – 10 inch vinyl record. Two colours are available: orange or white. Price: 9 euro.
  • When the stars are brightly shining – Vinyl single inte white vinyl. Price 5 euro.

You could order the following records from Mega Dodo records (https://megadodo.bigcartel.com) but if you order any of the records above you could also order these from us:

  • Summer Green and autumn brown – Price: 12 euro for vinyl or 7 euro for cd
  • When I was walking – Vinyl single. Price: 7 euro
  • From the corner of my eye – Vinyl single. Price: 7 euro
  • On Shipless ocean – Price: 15 euro for vinyl or 8 euro for cd

It will be added a postage to the prices above which depends on where you live and how much you order. Just mail us and ask here: us_and_them@yahoo.com

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