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Released on Mega Dodo records

On the 12th of October 2015 our album Summer green and autumn Brown was released on MegaDodo records. Read more about the album here: https://megadodo.bandcamp.com/album/summer-green-and-autumn-brown.

Us and Them - Summer green

The first singel from the album is Me and my mission. The two b-sides is Be here and What am I doing here ? which is available only on the single.

Our next (releasedate 20th of January) release on Mega Dodo will be a vinyl single called ”When I was walking”. It is a part in Mega Dodo’s Singles club but it will also be available on it’s own. Estimated release in January 2017. Read more about it here: http://www.mega-dodo.co.uk/home/mega-dodo-singles-club



Released on Fruits de Mer records

We have made three vinyl Ep on the Fruits de Mer label and a 10 inch vinyl record called ”Fading Within The Dwindling Sun”. Us and them have also contributed with songs to a couple of compilations:

  • ”Butterfly” on the RE-evolution: Fruits de mer sings Hollies
  • ”A Love will find it’s way to us” on a cassette sampler called ”We come bearing gifts”.
  • ” If we could” on ”The 13th Dream of Dr Sardonicus”
  • ”Home to Stay”  on ”Plankton”, a compilation that Record collector released 2013 with early songs from the Fruits de Mer backcatalogue. In 2016 Fruits de Mer have relased a CD-version of the record.

another stunning Frank Suchomel design                     13 thr dream of Dr Sardonicus we-come-bearing                               plankton





“By the time  it gets dark” – 33 vinyl EP

Fading within the dwindling sun  – 33′ 10 inch (2016)


By the time it gets dark – 33′ Vinyl EP (2014)

• By the time it gets dark • Jabberwocky • Do I know you ?

Front - The artwork

“Summerisle – Songs from The Wicker man” – 33 vinyl EP (2011)

 On the 10th of october The Fruits de Mer records released this EP. The first 500 copies sold out in 4 days and the 200 more which was pressed is also sold out.

• Corn rigs • Gently Johnny • Fire leap • Willow’s song

“Julia dream of all the pretty little horses” – 33 vinyl EP (2009)

 This Ep was released in december 2009 as volume 8 on the Fruits de Mer label. It contains of 3 songs: A cover of Tudor lodge’s Home to stay, Jackson C Franks Dialogue and an integration between Pink Floyds ”Julia dream and the old lullaby ”All the pretty little horses” which the tune in ”Julia dream” is loosely based on. Sold out !

• Home to stay • Dialogue • All the pretty little horses/Julia dream

Released on Ritual Echo Records

We have released one record, the Walk Light EP on Ritual Echo Records. A vinyl record with four of our own songs.

Us and Them EP - Front

• A Love will find it’s way to us • Walk Light • Weston-Super-Mare • Oblivion

Released on Withdrawn records

We have produced one CD and three EP’s on our own label Withdrawn records. The CD contains ten songs and the EPs four songs each. Every EP contains three of our own songs and one cover of a song we particularly love.

“Based on a True Story” – CD

cd_01It feels like chapter one in the history of Us & Them is finished with this our first album. It contains six songs from our previous eps and four new ones. Three of the new songs show a brighter side to us, more pop than anything else we’ve made so far.
“A new life” on the other hand has the for Us & Them common baroque folk sound.

Sold out !

“Man o’ Sand to Girl o’ Sea” – EP

ep_03On our third EP it feels like we’ve managed to define more clearly what Us & Them really stands for. A mixture of pure folk music in “Count the Days”, the intima Americana in “What Am I Doing Here?”, acid folk with dark passages in “Oblivion” and, finally, the clean pop sound of ’’Another View of Us’’. On the other hand this doesn’t mean we won’t sound different the next time around.

The cover song we’ve chosen this time is ’’What Am I Doing Here?’’ by Chuck and Mary Perrin. It was first released as a bonus track on rev-ola’s (www.revola.co.uk) re-release of Chuck and Mary Perrins’ second album ’’Life’s a Stream’’. Sold out !

“Seagulls” – EP

ep_02This, our second EP, has a lighter Pop Music touch to it than its predecessor. The songs are more arranged and there are also some cautious rhythms here and there. The last song on the other hand, “The Great Valerio”, is more simply arranged and the slight melancholic atmosphere moves us back to the stillness of “Canning Oak”. ”The Great Valerio” is the cover song on this EP. The original was written by one of our musical heroes, Richard Thompson, and was initially released on Richard and Linda Thompson’s first album together, ’’I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight’’. Sold out !

“Canning Oak” – EP

ep_01This is our first EP, and the first four songs ever recorded, which means it’s very dear to us. The cover song on this album is ”Another Day’’ by the headstrong Englishman Roy Harper and you’ll find it on his fourth album from 1970, ’’Flat Baroque and Berserk’’. The song has a special meaning to us and has been our favorite for a long time. Sold out !


You can listen to some of our songs here http://soundcloud.com/us-and-them-1


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