Us and Them perform on a Wickerman evening

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The 3rd of November Us and Them will be a part of a Wicker man evening here in Stockholm. The extended directors cut of the movie will be shown, it will be apples and apple cider directly from the this year’s harvest of the island of Summerisle and music connected to the movie, direct or indirect.

Us and Them will, for the first time, perform the whole Summerisle Ep + a song we written ‘’inspired by the movie’’. Since we have heard that facebook readers don’t read posts with only text we add a video from our Summerisle EP.

Here’s a link for more information for you who got Facebook:


We have been unforgivable lazy to publish news here or update this page the last year or so. But we will be better. We are working at this page at the moment so it will be more current. You can read what had happened to Us and them the last year here: See you soon

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Us and Them and others live 4th of November

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The 4 of November is going to be a special night for us. Us and Them are going to play with two of our absolute favourites among Swedish artist. We saw a performance by Astor Wolfe ( lately and it was totally captivating. For about half hour we were moved to another very beautiful place. Ludvig Josephson is known by you who read the liner notes on Us and Them records carefully. He is the male voice on Gentle Johnny (from Summerisle EP) and Banks of the Nile (from Fading within the dwindling sun). But above all he is Internal Planet ( A band that combine very direct melodies with a warm delicate psychedelic feel. This night Ludvig is going to bring his band with him who will choose from his rich collection of songs.

Astor Wolfes foto.

A lot of new reviews on the Full Review page

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We have been lazy to update this page for a long while but now we got a lot of reviews for our 10 inch record ”Fading within the dwindling sun” and our latest single ”When I was walking”.

We will try to get better at updating this blog but if you will be sure to read the latest check


Us and Them on Spotify

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Now you can fill all your playlists with Us and Them songs. WE ARE ON SPOTIFY !

Here’s the records you should look for:

• Julia dream of all the pretty little horses (EP 2009-Fruits de Mer records)
• Summerisle (EP 2011 – Fruits de Mer records)
• Walk Light (EP 2012 – Ritual Echo records)
• By the time it gets dark (EP 2014 – Fruits de Mer records)
• Summer green and autumn brown (Album 2015 – Mega Dodo records)

To make it easy for you: Here’s a playlist with the songs:

New single on Mega Dodo in January

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Around 20th of January we will release a new single on Mega Dodo. Thee Psychedelicatessen describe it so good that we don’t have to do it ourselves:

”The final part of the excellent Mega Dodo Singles Club is nearly ready for release…….hot on the heels of their forthcoming release of an EP of Sandy Denny covers for Fruits de Mer Records, Mega Dodo will release a 7″ single of new material from Swedish Psych Folk duo Us and Them in mid January.

Made up of Britt Rönnholm, who sings, and Anders Håkanson, who plays the instruments, Us And Them play beguiling Psychedelic Folk deeply inspired by the music of Sandy Denny, Donovan, Bert Jansch, Vashti Bunyan, Duncan Browne and Pentangle and the single ‘When I Was Walking’ c/w ‘Green Couch’ reveals all these influences. Their previous release on Mega Dodo, the album Summer Green And Autumn Brown, was reviewed on Strange Things Are Happening in September 2015 where we wrote “As if by strange magic, Us And Them have created an album of such fragile beauty that is part pastoral folk, part something more melancholic…Dominated by Britt’s haunting voice Summer Green And Autumn Brown reflects the changing of the seasons, slowly shifting from a trippy, slightly proggy, stroll through lush fields and woodland landscapes flecked with sunshine and shadows to a hazier place where the dark nights are slowly drawing in and there is a chill in the air.”



Great review from Goldmine Magazine

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Dave Thompson at Goldmine Magazine wrote a review for our forthcoming 10 inch Fading within the dwelling sun that made us so extremely happy:” Is this Fruits de Mer’s finest ever release? ’’ Read the whole review on the reviewpage here on